Currently on display in the Cité de l'Ecrit (Cour de la Préface) until September 5, 2020

Sylvie Edeline


Sylvie EDELINE's abstract landscapes are an invitation to escape and reflect.

According to his thoughts, the artist has skillfully reproduced visions of the distant horizon. His paintings in very soft colors leave to the imagination the care of living his own adventure. The light is omnipresent and the techniques used are perfectly mastered.

This exhibition presented to the General Council which announces the summer should not fail to seduce a wide audience. Qualified as abstract landscaping, it also presents original ceramic sculptures representing unique architectural forms.

Trained in 1987 at the National School of Decorative Arts in Limoges, Sylvie Edeline has recently developed three main activities: painting, free calligraphy integrated into the pictorial world and ceramics with the production of sculptures and vases originals. Holder of a state certificate for intervention in schools, this artist shares her passion with young people in the schools of the department. Installed at the City of Writing and Book Professions in Montmorillon, Sylvie EDELINE offers internships and courses open to all.